Mason Murphy - The Creator

Mason Murphy - Christmas 2023

Mason Murphy - Founder & CEO of MASONNET, Inc.

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Mason Murphy is a 12 year old technology expert, and he (me) created MASONNET. He is the youngest person in the world to have a website (created mason123+newmason123 in 2020, 8 years old, real world record but not held by me), and he has created numerous websites, projects, and social media accounts (unrelated) since then, including, this website! Future statement from Mason: "I believe that MASONNET will grow, and eventually take over Apple's spot as largest company in the world (I love apple, but...), and will become bigger than Google, with a few necessary updates. I believe that the future is bright and the world has already set it's path for me. All you gotta do is just do it, and believe in yourself!"

ROLE: Creator, Main developer, Main designer, Owner.


Projects: mason123, newmason123, vipdash, 9 (lots of numbers), da hood, postsocial, dinogame (neocities), xgame (retired), lucssssssssssssssssssssss (neocities), masonnet (neocities), tubevid (neocities), postsocial (, fbi-agents (neocities),

Social Media/Personal Website (too lazy to code it or put here):


Mason Murphy is a professional graphic designer and editor, and a professional website designer!  Go to Mason Murphy's website to learn more (the platinum card)