Last updated: 5/18/2024

MASONNET I. The revolutionary computer.

 Coming 2028. Starting at $1,400.


Concept. Coming 2030. Starting at $399 up to $1,399 .


Gift up to $100 to spend on everything on MASONNET Store, and customize your gift card.


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I got my phone taken away, so less frequent changes, but also as a result, @MASONNET (personal channel) and all other associated brand channels have been deleted  on YouTube, but everything will be back to normal in May or June. Now,  there will be some exciting updates to this website:  

MASONNET Web 2.0 v1.8a

It will take some time to implement these features, and for everything to go back to normal, but I believe that it is possible!

FYI: I know the picture for the MASONNET I is messed up now and the illusion is broken, but this is more important.

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